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 We pride ourselves on our amazing team, who not only have expert knowledge in behavioral weight management counseling,  food addiction and life changes but are led by a trained psychologist to provide specific solutions for each phase of recovery. 

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Whether you need a keynote speaker, team trainer, group or individual counseling and life coaching we can assist you. We have remote, virtual or in-person services along with custom seminar, workshop or conference topics for a variety of audiences.

"Weight, What?" Course

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Food Addiction, Weight Management and Behavioral Counseling synthesized into our online 12-week program coupled with a year long support system. This innovative approach works with all surgical and non-surgical weight loss programs and medical conditions.

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Virtual Individual and Group Counseling  from your home 

Classroom Training

Online Interactive Weight Management Course with Audio Instruction

Keynote Speaking

Dr. Debra Taylor, Ph.D. provides keynote  on surgical and non-surgical weight management solutions.

Patient Success Stories

"I have dealt with my weight all my life. I've done every program imaginable and then some with no success. Dr. Taylor keeps it real! She's firm and clear and will give you the tools and answers to change your life completely."
-John W. Stuart

"I met Debra at Winona Hospital where I had my Bariatric surgery and again several years later when I put all my weight back on after surgery. She showed me how to identify my triggers with food addiction and let go of the weight."  
- Lisa Busby 

 “I’ve seen multiple doctors and trainers in my life but "Weight, WHAT?" changed my life. The team will push you to your limit and will not let you slip through your excuses to avoid doing the work and solving your issues."  
- Marian Larson

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