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Virtual Curriculum

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12-Week behavioral Course

The course is intense but doable at your own pace.  There is over 60 hours of behavioral counseling included with the written exercises and the descriptive modules. You will have coaches assigned to you for every step of the way monitoring your progress. In addition, you will have access to a year long support program geared toward your journey.

Lessons, Recap, Downloads and Quizzes

This is an in-depth course. You will have several assignments, guide sheets for download and weekly quizzes as well as a private forum to answer all your questions each week. It takes anywhere from 30-90 minutes on the first day of each week of your course. Your information will flow in order at the pace you set. 

You will have a full year access to the Modules that contain the audio and the course work so you can reference and review weeks that were more difficult or that you endure over and over again in your life. In addition to following the 12-Week Classroom Training, you will have access to your in-program dashboard for direct responses from  your coach or Debra Taylor, Ph.D., as well as a lifetime membership to the Facebook  Weight, WHAT? Group

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What's included in the 12-week program

12-Week Modules

Each weekly module has 8-12 'lessons' in them. There are step-by-step visual aids and audio instructions for food, exercise and behavioral content.

Quizzes and Downloads

Every week there is a recap section and a quiz for 'that particular week's information' to make sure you fully understand the material. 

60 Hours of Behavioral Counseling

Each module builds on the next week. There are in-depth discussions on family issues, relationships, abuse, dysfunction and toxic triggers.

Real Talk. Real Solutions.

You will learn exactly how diets are created and designed so you can design your own that works. We only use real food, eating out events and no food is off limit and will include tools to management obesity related diseases.

Goal Weight and Maintenance

There is no 'on and off' this program. You will learn to lose weight with real, every day foods that fit into your life. Understand the role of exercise and solve your emotional and behavioral issues surrounding your food addiction.

Email Reminders and Certificate

You will receive weekly email reminders   certificate of completion and Lifetime membership in our facebook support group with live chats by the founder 'weekly'.

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